Forex Charges Applicable for Normal Savings Account

The Forex Charges section on the website is so confusing.

I have two questions regarding the same,

  1. Does Zero Forex Charge still exist for Normal Jupiter Savings account for spending up to Rupees 25000 INR?
  2. What is the difference between a Pro Account & Pro Salary Account?

Hey, Arghya! Welcome to our Community! :blush:

We’ll be glad to clarify. Please take note that starting on August 1st, all international purchase transactions for savings accounts holders will be subject to 3.5% Forex Charges.

To answer your second question, both Pro and Pro Salary accounts are upgraded versions of basic and verified accounts. The key difference is that a Pro membership requires a monthly average balance of INR 10,000. Your pot balances are included. A Pro-Salary membership asks for a monthly salary of a minimum of INR 25,000 from the employer.