Zero forex limits and monthly renewal query

Hello! I have recently upgraded to Savings Pro (Via 10k FD).

As benefit I get zero forex charges upto 1L per month. I wanted to know if the “month” counts from 1st to end of month, or from 25th to 25th.

I have foreign travel lined up this month end, and before that I have a large payment to be done (~80k) after which I will have to spend some more money next month. Want to make sure by next month I will be able to spend another 1L with zero forex charges.

Do let me know if I was clear, can elaborate if needed!

@kvn95ss Please note that for Pro accounts the Forex Markup is Zero upto Rs.25000 and not Rs.1Lakh.

Upto Rs.1L is reserved for salary accounts.

As for the reset date, it’s calendar month - so 1st to 31st August. I couldn’t find a webpage for that but I confirmed this with the customer care.Preformatted text

@kvn95ss You can try Fi Money. The infinite account in Fi Money gives you Zero Forex Markup without any limits.

In case you have an account already you can make it an infinite account by transferring Rs.50000. It immediately converts to an infinite account. No waiting like Jupiter Pro account.