Allow Professionals to join/open Pro Account

You should allow all to have a Pro account. I need a facility to spend more money in Forex while I’m abroad. Rs. 25000.00 in a month is too less.

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Hey @gsamir65 !

There seems to be a misunderstanding. The option to switch to a Pro Salary Account is available to all and the eligibility criteria is a minimum salary credit of 25000 Rupees. This is not to be confused with the limit on Forex transactions. The benefits include zero forex fee on international spends up to 1 lakh a month. It does not stop there, rather, you will be charged a minimal forex fee of 3.5% on transactions when you exceed the said limit. We hope this answers your query!


Hi Ajatha Shathru

Thanks for your reply. Let me put my query/suggestion/feedback in different way.

1). I am a Professional with income of more than 25,000.00 per month.
2). I am Self Employed and I am not a salaried person.
3). Presently I have been given an Ordinary Account with a Zero Mark Up Spend Limit of Rs. 25,000.00 per month in Forex.
4). I want a spend limit of up to Rs. 1,00,000.00 in Forex per month with Zerro “Mark Up” on it.

So, how can you help me with it.

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Thank you for shedding some light on your concern, Samir. Although your income meets the criteria, it is not mapped to a salary account as the credit is not recognized as a remittance from a registered organization since you’re self-employed. We find ourselves in an unfortunate situation where the spend limits cannot be tweaked. However, keep an eye out for updates as we’re working on bringing the benefits of Pro salary account to freelancers & other non-salaried individuals very soon!

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