Finvu SBI AA issue

I’m trying to get a loan but Finvu(Account Aggregator) keeps saving Banks are on a break for SBI Salary Account

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Yes, I too can confirm the same…
Checked with Canara Bank and it is showing the same error message “Banks are on a Break”

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Jupiter is full of bugs

Agreed. Having used the IDFC First Bank’s mobile, I can affirm that Jupiter is miles ahead in terms of UI and UX. Issues with AA also persist there. I have linked my BoB account there and more often than not the transaction refresh fails

I am also facing issues with AA. Canara transactions are being repeated. Like, the same transaction is being shown 5-7 times as separate transactions. And the payee name for kotak transactions are being cut off mid sentence. For E.g a transfer to Rakesh Kumar is being shown as Rakesh Kum. I don’t know if its Jupiters doing or canara and kotak are smocking stuff.

For sure it’s the latter.

In my pnb e statement each transaction is two times and the end balance is also accordingly.

I see. So I guess it’s the banks smocking stuff.

It’s like the government seems to be providing the siezed hash to it’s bank employees.

I guess the problem is from Finvu’s side. It’s not just jupiter, others using Finvu’s is also having similar issue with SBI :grimacing:

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