Fi is sponsoring Shark Tank India S2

They are blocking account using that freeze account money to invest in Stock Market/MF and in the other hand spending that earned interest On becoming Sponsor of Shark Tank India Season 2.

What do you think? Nowadays these neo bank are not trusted who knows when your account get blocked without any notice and then your money is invested in stock market. This is a very wrong thing happening when my branch federal bank account was blocked I visited their branch and within few days account was back in working stage. Now come to this neo bank your account is blocked for 4 weeks if your are lucky it will get un-blocked else they will just giving excuses to ignore you that it!

Here is one example this guy is just making videos on Fi&Jupiter earned lots of Fi coins got some gift also now what account blocked :joy:.

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Shark Tank India Banner :

The story of that goonline friend is very funny. He used to call Fi/Jupiter customer care and get a lot of information, he also used to ask them about account freeze (maybe he was already worried about this topic) tbh I saw his video about two months back (in which he talked to fi customer care about account freeze) , after hearing that call recording I immediately got my account closed. But that friend is now trapped himself, probably fi customer care team got annoyed with his calls and wanted to get rid of him. :smile:

I don’t trust Neobanks from the beginning, From the day I created Jupiter account, whenever I tried to login to Jupiter app, I always got β€˜mobile verification failed’ error. I sent 2-3 emails every month to jupiter support for a year but no resolution. At last I had thought of closing my account and emailed to close the account, But I got the reply that you can close the account through chat in the app only, I called the customer care team and they also replied the same. Then I talked to Jupiter customer care daily for a month then with great difficulty I was able to login to the app for the first time. now, I can’t trust neobanks even if I want to trust. because I am always in fear that the app will stop working anytime or these people will stop it intentionally. If they hold my money, then money will remain stuck.

Neobanks ka na ghar hai, na koi thikana hai. Inka koi bharosa nahi kisi bhi pal ye apne server ki bijali ka button band karke so jaaye. Ye kabhi bhi apne app ko hamesha ke liye under maintenance me chala de.
Kabhi aisa bhi ho sakta hai ki jab bhi aap inke app ko kholo to usme hamesha ye likha aaye ’ Something went wrong, Please try after some time. ’ ya
’ We can’t process your request, Please try again later. ’ ya ’ Our services are under maintenance, We will be back soon ’

Aur jab bhi aap inke customer support par call karo to aapko hamesha ye bole ki ’ 'Hamare sabhi grahak seva adhikari abhi dusari calls par vyast hai, kripya kuchh samay baad call kare. ’ Aur disconnect ho jaaye Ya fir hamesha call waiting par hee chalta rahe.

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I agree with you :joy: I saw his 20-30 mins call recording.