Few Features Request

  1. phone no. change - this is going to increase jupiter usage as lot of people use single no for multiple aadhars so only one person can use it i my family until this feature is added.
  2. UPI id change - Many people like me don’t want to share my mobile no. unnecessarily!!
  3. transaction description update- there should be an option to add/update description so that user can put their transaction related notes.

These are very basic features missing on jupiter and most banks have already provided these!! Being a new age digital bank jupiter must have these asap. all these were needed yesterday. I’m hoping all these are in pipeline. is there any ETA on these ?

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For *1- I’d recommend Jupiter letting us add and manage additional accounts under our account. Like a family setup.

*3- this may be useful, but you can set up custom tags to the transactions once they are done. But an additional field to add in a note would also be awesome.


@nareshk these makes sense. Could you tell us a little bit more of how you use 3 right now anywhere else. Helps in thinking about it

are your asking which other app has this feature ? imobile,axis, niyox. these are the once on which I’ve seen this. best implementation is on niyox. Both imobile & axis implementation is not good but it works!! @Bharat replied your message but not familiar with community interface and it appears as a new message!!

@nareshk For the 3rd one, have you used tags yet?
Tags help in creating a custom description or a keyword for that particular transaction. So when you head over to insights and filter, you can see all the transactions for that particular tag.
Check if this one helps for the 3rd point - Tags feature is live! 🚀

yes, I’ve used that but it isn’t sufficient as tags are supposed to club some kind of spendings. over use of tags is going to clutter the experience. For example there could be many spends which would simply go in miscellaneous category but to know exactly what it is should be in description of transaction. I’ve been using Niyox and they’ve implemented it nicely but otherwise UX isn’t as good as Jupiter. I intend to use only one of these and inclined to use Jupiter more in future. BTW are there any plans for joint accounts ?

edit: I’ve also noticed that ‘all transactions’ shows time of the transaction but doesn’t show tag whereas tag is much more important than time of the transaction. Tag should always take precedence over time. I hope this can be done asap.


are there any plans to add daily balances and daily summary i.e. total for the day ? Apart from this I think transaction description instead of time in ‘all transactions’ page world be much better!!

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@nareshk We’ll think about the transaction description part.
For this one:

Currently, all transaction shows you the day wise split. Having a total for how much was - and + would be interesting :thinking:

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It would be great to have these features. See attached images of one of the leading digital bank.

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Oh! Is this from Monzo?
Maybe we can represent it like this:

Date. |. Show Dr. and Cr. totals for that day


Date |. Show only expenses (Dr.)

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yes, its monzo, it shows total of just dr. transactions. you may allow users to select what they want to see!!

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