Important suggestion on Transactions

Give us an option to edit the name of the individual transaction. It’s really frustrating to see some transaction line like “UPI/68769876/5787” Something like this.

Say for example the above transaction line was generated when I paid using my UPI and this transmission line item appears I would like to change that gibberish to my preferred name of reference.


Its coming. when ? your guess is s good as mine.

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Now-a-days most fintech overlooks the basic small things for making a “best” feature.

IMHO these small changes are the most important and makes our day-to-day life easier.

true, its odd that for such basic features we’ve to request/wait for such a long time!! phone no change & description editing are the most basic features these days but still not implemented by most of fintechs. Niyox allows description editing but it doesn’t allow phone no change.

Hello Ranjethkumar,

We recently shipped an update that cleans up these UPI narrations! You should be able to see just the name instead of this long string. We are also in the process of cleaning up all our older similar transactions :slight_smile:

For some extra info: payments that we make using our Jupiter accounts but not from the Jupiter app end up showing this way.

Hope this helps!

P.S We are working on allowing editing of transaction descriptions, we just wanted to auto-fix this for everyone first :smiley:


That’s great to hear.

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Description editing feature is still to be pocked up for development. Looks like going to take at least 6 months looking at the speed of development unless it improves drastically.

Hopefully, the account statement gets updated too with this.