Federal Bank Not allowing Change of Communication Address


I have a Jupiter account and I needed to change the communication address since I have moved cities, I looked into the app to change the address but there is no option, so I contacted Jupiter Helpdesk, they said address change is currently not possible.

Hence today I went to Federal Bank, Andheri East to change my communication address since Jupiter is using Federal Banking services for the saving bank.

I was told my Federal Bank that address change is not available for Jupiter account holders, it can only be done for Federal Saving Accounts, we need to contact Jupiter for that, I said Jupiter told me there is no such option with them, I was told by the Federal Bank employee that sorry it is not possible to change the address.

I have searched this community for similar topics and have found countless topics opened for the same issue, I don’t understand how a basic feature like address change not available in the app, you have time for features like Pots and Pans but a basic feature like Address Change is not possible for you ?

I will unfortunately not be able to use your world class bank app since this simple feature not being available becomes a deterrent, tomorrow if there is some financial issue operating your app, and you ask for identification documents, you will deny solution stating the address do not match with the documents provided and with the address available with your bank. I will be left in a problematic situation.

I would like to also suggest other customers not to invest/save your hard earned money in this app, you never know what sort of problems you could face if a simple address change feature is not available, your money could get stuck for good.


I asked Jupiter support to update my address. The response I basically got was, “Why do you have to do that? It’s okay, we won’t send you anything.” :man_shrugging:t5:

The lack of response from anyone from the bank to my post, also shows the level of interest they have in solving this issue.


I’ve just realized this issue for both Jupiter and Fi. Seems like neobanks really are just that; neobanks. Can’t use them reliably. Really disappointing that a simple address change is not possible.

It’s baffling that in more than 2 years, Jupiter never thought to add the address change option. Saying ‘limitations at our partner bank’ is just an excuse.