Communication Address Updation

Hi, Its been so long since i was trying to update my address in jupiter. All other neo banks like freo, niyox, niyoglobal has the option to update address, and among them the leading neo bank jupiter lacks the basic feature to update the address!!
Please helpout with a solution to update my address as its very urgent.
Thanks in advance!
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Hai @Shalbin Nice to see you back
Have you contacted the customer support executive via chat option or via email

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Yes! This was the revert from jupiter support.
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Hi @Shalbin

Currently, the facility of changing addresses is not available in Jupiter. Hope it will be available in the near future.


@Aswin_Benny Is there any option to update it via federal bank branch?

@Shalbin this may be a long shot and there is no guarantee it will work. Can you login to FedNet and check if there is a option to update the address?


For debit card delivery it can be changed.

But changing the communication address itself is not possible. :slightly_frowning_face:

Spaceman had this to say…

“Unfortunately, due to limitations at our partner bank’s end, we currently do not allow communication address changes”

There is an option in federal bank branch. Tried the form but the lady told me she will do it later.
Was never updated :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Have tried reaching out to federal bank customer care and they asked to reach out to jupiter customer care. Jupiter customer care mentioned that is in roadmap but as of now only debit card delivery address change is possible. Thankfully they didn’t redirect back to federal bank for option to change !

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Yes. The tennis match between various customer support services is very common. Glad to know Jupiter doesn’t roll like that. :smiley:

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I’m shouting about this feature in the community since its inception and its nowhere near in Jupiter’s plans if you look at the trello board.
Specifically due to this issue, I’m currently having to close the savings account.
You can check out my experience in this thread Federal Bank mailing about KYC Update

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But there is a chance that this is an issue with Federal Bank and in that case, Jupiter can’t do anything.

And Jupiter can’t bad mouth Federal too.

I am surprised that Jupiter even gives away this much about Federal…

“Unfortunately, due to limitations at our partner bank’s end, we currently do not allow communication address changes”

See as a customer you want a smooth service, whether the issue is at Jupiter end or Federal end is not my concern at all. If you’re providing banking services to the mass, you’ve to find a way to fix these seemingly small but very important cogs of customer journey.


@Krishnendu_Chowdhury I agree… :neutral_face:

Unfortunately, In fednet, there is no such option to update address

@Nikhil_Godbole Sir, is there any possibility to update it from Jupiter’s side or redirect/instruct it to the Federal bank?

@razack Have marked the relevant team internally.


Yes I also want to change the address that is linked on my account, as I have shifted from my old place and that place is not valid for me anymore. I have already updated address in my aadhaar, would have been good if Jupiter had a feature to update permanent address on the app through aadhaar ekyc.

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This is actually became a pain for me, want to update communication address to get my cheque books delivered to my new address.
Now I am thinking of exiting Jupiter. I haven’t got any help.

Also as per regulatory requirements bank and coustomer together have best the accurate KYC information updated. If user wants to update communication address it must be allowed.

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