Update communication and permanent address

You should add the option to update the communication and permanent address in the app as this is the most basic things which any banks or financial institutions offer and also for some odd reason your app selected my old address even without asking me and my new address was already updated on my aadhaar card and also can’t upgrade to salary account as the app just doesn’t allow me to go to the 2nd step after entering the company name as it just takes me back to upgrade to salary account page.

The address update for sure should be on your trello roadmap and it should be on the priority list and not just for cheque books.

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Hey, @Jazz1993forever Welcome to the community :wave:

Indeed, this feature is essential and this feature has been requested by numerous users in the past. I am hopeful that the team will take this feedback into consideration and prioritize the implementation of this feature in the near future.

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@Jazz1993forever for this issue, please take a video of the steps that you follow and share with the Jupiter support team. It will help them spot the bug and resolve the issue.

@shawnpinto my new/changed address is still not refreshed.

@ManishSaini Did you change it recently? If yes, how much time had passed?
Please wait a bit. If it didn’t change, I suggest raising a ticket so that the team can have a look at this.

@Shawn_Pinto how come Manish can change his address and I can’t when it wasn’t even my fault that the app pulled up the old address instead of the Aadhaar card address and if you can do it then how do i raise a ticket?

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Dear @Jazz1993forever,
I think @ManishSaini may have already forwarded his request to update the address, providing the necessary proofs, to the team. I can see that he is also awaiting the update. If you’re facing a similar issue, I recommend raising a support ticket by emailing your problem to support@jupiter.money or by contacting customer care at 08655055086 (available from 9 am to 9 pm). Alternatively, you can also utilize the chat option available within the app.