There should be option to update communication address

There should be a option to update communication address

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@shivanshp as of now the option to update the address to change the address for receiving the cheque book is on the development roadmap.

Please clear cache/storage and try once again. Also, ensure you have a working SMS plan on your sim.
I can see from the image that your network speed is quite slow, and it appears to be connected to a 2G network. Therefore, I would recommend trying to connect to a faster network if possible.

Please contact the customer support team
Call: 08655055086(available 9am - 9pm)

@Asraul_Hoque can you please confirm where do you see this screen. Meaning after what action you saw this screen

This is a Recurring issue for me.

SMS verification fails.
SMS by Jupiter is sending late and jupiter sms verification is getting Timed out.

I tried Fi too but it happened inatantly.
and other upi apps were verification is by Sending Sms.

@Shawnpinto Please add Sms Verification otp or Call in case SMS verification by Sending gets failed.

And I raised via Email. and they said use OTP verification and there is no option for Otp verification only Sms Verification (sending)

Edit … and I am login now. but it takes around 20 30 tries and if logout I may or maybe not be able to login again.

If other apps is working why not Jupiter.

Edit : The above Issue was before update.
But I am too afraid to reinstall and check whether it solved or not

Bilal Shaikh

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I think you are the second person after me who is facing so many difficulties. :joy:

I Guess So, :rofl:

And ha What Device are you using??

I am Using Poco M3 Pro 5G / MIUI 14/ Android 13.