Failed transactions show up in Money->Insights

Steps to reproduce:

  • Navigate to Money->Insights
  • Failed transactions are included in the categories.

This gives a false impression of spending. For eg: rent payment of 14k failed twice and succeeded the third time, insights show that a total of 52k was spent which is not true, only 14k was spent.


Hey @Aruna_Maurya Welcome to the community :wave: Enjoy your stay in the community! :rocket:

@Aruna_Maurya I followed the steps mentioned in the thread to check for 3 failed transactions I faced yesterday. I was not able to find those transactions.

This seems to be a user-specific issue. Hence, it is recommended that you a record video and share the complete details with the support team. This will ensure your issue is assigned a ticket number and tracked to closure.

@yagnesh01 The app does not allow to take screenshots (I would’ve attached one otherwise :frowning: ) would it allow a screen record? I doubt.

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Since its an Android one, No screenshots and No Screen Recording.
The only solution is that You can capture it from another device. :+1:

Hi @Aruna_Maurya

Welcome to the Jupiter community & thanks for highlighting this issue.

This is a known issue in case of reversal transactions (where money is debited from acc & then credited back). We are working on a solution so that it doesn’t show up as multiple transactions on Insights. We’ll keep you updated!


Thanks !

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