Multiple RD installments grouped into a single transaction

I have setup multiple RDs on my HDFC bank account (long before i found out about Jupiter) with the same amount debited o the same day of the month.

But when the dwbit happens in my HDFC account, for all of them, I only see 1 transaction for it in my transaction list.

This is actually included in the spends calculation as well, as in the spends calculation is falling short.

I also noticed that the Bank reference number for the transaction is just “000000000000000”

Hello @Vinayakj70423 , Welcome to the Jupiter Community.

If possible, I kindly request you to share the screenshots/Recording here so we can have a clearer idea about the issue. :+1:

Yeah the account aggregator has some limitations, it doesn’t show the internal bank transactions as well as the dedicated banking app.

Cant take screenshot “security policy”. Travelling right now. Will put up a photo from another phone tomorrow morning.

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That would be fine, sir. The screenshot facility is disabled on Android devices and the only option is to take photos from other devices.
Providing proper images or attachments of the bug or issue would greatly assist the concerned team in identifying and resolving the problem more easily. :+1: