Error in 'external funds'

The funds are not getting reflected properly, e.g. for reference - I have investment in Navi which is not getting reflected.

And when I click on repor an error, I do get redirected to main page of app

@kingzeusvj this definitely a bug. Suggest you share this with the support team along with video of the error. This help in getting the error tracked to closure

Cannot regenerate the error as screen recording can’t be possible on Jupiter app.

Try capturing from another device. Upload it in Google drive and paste the link here. It works

I have this issue with funds that I have with Paytm Money. Other funds are captured.

I think this happens due to reports from kfintech. Cams are totally updated with all fund houses. Or another option might be API pull from AA.

@Shawnpinto Can you please align someone on this?

I was able to cross-reference my reports with CAMS, and 10 funds are not listed in Jupiter’s “External Funds” report.

If not from cams, then from where are you puling this mutual fund report?

Also, when we click “Report an Error,” it takes us to the app’s home page. It’s broken.

Hi @kingzeusvj Thanks for bringing this up to our notice.
The team will need time to check a few things.

In the meantime, I suggest you take this up through our support channels so you can be updated.

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