Must have feature request

Several features that are missing and must be there on Jupiter IMHO. Please work on it and bring it on Jupiter

  1. Page wise view of Payment history to a particular person/merchant(Like GPay, Phone Pe). If I want to check how much I paid to a merchant/person then it gets very difficult to track that. Checking between statements is very tedious.

  2. Failed Transactions don’t show up 🤷. I did a payment yesterday afternoon, it was a green tick but I am not sure if money was deducted OR will be deducted( It did show that money will be deposited to the merchant ). I had to make the payment again!

But how am I supposed to track of what happened with the transaction? The page wise view mentioned above and the detail that transaction is processing/failed would realllly help.

  1. A pay again option in payment slip/details.

I am not sure if this is being worked upon. If not, I request to please do.


Hey @Pratyushh,

For the first point, we’re working on a categorizing feature for insights. Soon we’ll be able to see all the transactions for that particular merchant.

For the second one, If a transaction fails, it shows as failed with a red screen. If it got debited, you would have received a message/notification/email. Don’t worry about it.
I’m not sure if other banks/apps show failed transactions. However, I know Gpay does it, and surprisingly it’s under the same merchant too :thinking:

I didn’t get the 3rd one. Could you further explain this one/ show a reference if any?

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Hey @Shawnpinto
Thanks for the update

Like I said earlier, I did a transaction yesterday and it showed a green screen with message saying money will be deposited to the merchant’s account. But there is nothing related to that in transactions, now that payment is in a success/pending/failed state? How would I find out? If it takes 2-3 days, are we supposed to go back scrolling in the transactions history to check if it popped up somewhere? I had to do the payment again and I am not sure if the payment will be deducted or not!

Regarding the Pay Again, I have attached an image from PhonePe.
Several times we have to pay a merchant again and QR image is not available for some reason. And those merchants are not someone to be paid frequently so I would not like to add them as Payee. Hence, the requirement. Although it can also be done if Page wise details are available like UPI Apps.

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Ah. Got it now.
If you made a transaction yesterday, please note that the bank services were down for a bit so you would have faced few latencies and transaction issues.

It should be fine by now, can you check if the merchant had recieved it?

For the pay again idea, it’s kinda like a frequent/bookmark option.

We do have ‘recent payees’ though. But frequent could be different, hmm.

You see the point? Until and unless I don’t have any history of success/fail/pending I will have to depend on what Merchant says. Only when I see the statement I might be able to see if the payment went through. What if Merchant is 10km away or more.

I hope you get the point! If it gets added, one can check and talk to the bank instead of being dependent on Merchant OR checking Bank Statement.

Pay again is when I would rather prefer not to add the merchant/person to payee list.


Must have visa infinite and rupay platinum debit card option
Also nded some flexible FD feature

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Please also provide a rupay card. Vocal for local.

Also provide credit cards.


This is incredibly helpful @Pratyushh. Would it be possible for you to spare 20 min talking with me through this and other feedback or suggestions you may have? If you could DM me your contact, we can fix up a time

Thanks a lot. Look forward

Let’s have a referral scheme. That would help get more customers. Advertisements are really cool. Good job on that

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Sure @Bharat . Let’s connect for a small chat. I’ll DM you.

Need communication address change feature at first place. I don’t even have physical card for the same reason.