Facing Problem Deleting Pots

Facing problems due to being in lab tester so I want to deregister from the lab


Rahul, curious to know, what issues are you facing.

The pot balance is not showing sometimes. Unable to withdraw money from pots sometimes and also sometimes unable to create or destroy pots

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Dear Rahul, it would be grateful if you could elaborate the issues being faced by you as a lab tester? May be you are facing some technical issues common to everyone, not specifically for the lab testers.

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Off late, we have not seen these issues getting discussed on this forum. I would also encourage you to report these issues to the support team so that a ticket is assigned to your case and the resolution is tracked as well.

Yes, I had a chat with the support team. They will fix it surely.


Perfect. Guess, that’s why they need beta testers like us to ensure other users get a smooth app experience.

Hey @rahul_dutta I don’t think being a lab tester would affect this. This could be something else.

Can you let us know when you’ve faced this? And for how long?


As a developer, I agree entirely with you, but when you need money and can’t get your own money then … :joy:
No problem I understand I should cooperate with the team at the end of the day they have made these fantastic tools to manage our finance appreciate that :+1:


But yes, this should not happen.
Since you’ve already raised the ticket, I believe the team is already on it.

Thanks Rahul! :blob_thanks: