External mutual funds

I have added external mutual funds in jupiter app. Please add features to provide more details:

  1. One day change absolute value and %. Currently it only shows last 7 day change.
  2. Add charts like daily value etc for overall investment and for each mutual fund in which invested
  3. Show top holdings of mf beyond top 10 too.

Not sure if these features are available in mutual funds invested via jupiter. I plan to invest via jupiter and would request jupiter team to improve the mutual funds investment features.

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@rohit007sr Thank you for the valuable feedback.
Just to update you, we are working on all the three features that you have shared.

  • Show top holdings of MF beyond top 10 too on the fund page: This will be live for users on next week on the latest build 2.4.2. We have completely revamped the fund page. Please try it and share your feedback.

  • We are also working on the other two features. We will first go live with 1-day returns (absolute value and %), and then we will go live with charts on overall investment performance and for each invested mutual fund.



Would request another feature. Currently we can only invest in mutual funds through jupiter savings account only. Would be great if we can invest through other accounts as well. I use jupiter app as my daily driver for upi payments through jupiter account. It currently requires me to keep a close eye on my account balance as i do SIP at different dates in a month. Please add option to invest through other bank accounts too in mf.