Error while connecting to the NSDL server

This error is a kind of a serious one because this new function was launched few days back so as soon as possible this error should be solver other wise this may leads to loss of customer trust and waste there valuable time


Welcome to the Jupiter community @harsha2124.

It is possible that the error is due to a temporary technical issue, or it could be caused by the NSDL server. If you can, please provide a screenshot or a photo of the error message from another device and share it here. I can assure you that the team will investigate and resolve the issue promptly if it is related to Jupiter.

Also, Providing a detailed explanation of the error you are experiencing can save time and effort in resolving the issue.

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Agree with Abdul, details help.
Also, please ensure you are reporting these errors/issues via the support channel. It ensures the issue is tracked to closure and more importantly if there is a bug, the team is able to address it

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Agreed. @harsha2124 Sharing more details on this would help the team check.