Delay in txn reflecting in wrong balance

:warning: BUG Report :

• Available Balance shown wrong in-app,
And one of my most recent payment is missing from Transactions List,

• Discrepancy in balance is only on app level, Federal Bank UPI is reporting correct Balance.

• Also, Money-In (credit) messages are recieved late, like 1hr late…

Pls do check this. @Jiten @sneh.baxi

there was a glitch which caused this. it was a temporary issue In backend sync with the app. hope it should be fine now else pls report to us.

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The issue still exists, unfortunately
I received an app update yesterday at night; maybe this was the issue.

My one debit card transaction of 4700₹ failed on 30th June and money deducted from account still not received refund for that transaction :pensive:
Banks usually refund within 2 days

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It’s take 7 days. So wait for it

As per RBI guidelines max TAT outer limit for ecom failed transaction refund is T+5 days. After that originating banks are liable to pay 100/day as penalty to the beneficiary.

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You will hear from our CS soon

I have same issue, My last transaction is not reported in History and thus Account Balance is reported wrong in App. :sweat_smile:

6 days gone. Lets see if they’ll pay with 100/day penalty or not😜
But seriously now I’m worried about my 4700₹
@Jiten pls improve customer support also. Currently you have less than 100 customers still not able to resolve my issue in 6 days.

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100% they will not pay a single Money to you. By Federal Bank.

You certainly should.
Raise the issue with Federal Bank and ask for it. Or may be with banking ombudsman !

Their is quite a possibility that Federal bank passes away the liability to Jupiter and you get nothing because neo-banks are currently nonregulated. No harm in trying I guess.

Btw have you checked the full statement (pdf one) as well ?


He need to wait till 30 days because RBI only take complaint if bank didn’t resolve this problem within 30 days.

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Read point 6 of the notification about approaching Ombudsman and Sl. 3 (c) in the annexure table regarding TAT applicability on debit card transaction failure.

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That’s the main problem with these neo banks. They’ll not take any responsibility. Our hard earned money isn’t safe with these😒
I was thinking to use it as a secondary bank account. :slightly_smiling_face:
For any problem federal bank will say contact to Jupiter. I asked federal bank about netbanking signup and they said contact to Jupiter

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I checked this specifically. Your txn was successful as per reports received. So, I would be surprised if you didn’t hear status at our end . Pls write to me at if you are claiming that you didn’t hear any response from our side

Are you still seeing it wrong?

That’s the problem sir. Sometimes your customer support executive says transaction was successful. Sometimes says refund was successful. But I didn’t get any refund in my account.
Merchant is saying they have initiated refund on 30th June.

And you are not allowing screenshots also. Allow screenshots and I will share all screenshot here

Pls check this. This transaction was failed on 30th June. Mobikwik initiated refund on 30th june itself. But I haven’t received the money in my account.

It’s not always banks who make the delays. Sometimes payment gateways are the culprit.