Credit Report Pull

@sneh.baxi : How do we stop bullet pay from fetching Experian reports every month ? As I see that it’s been pulling reports without my consent.

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Just curious to know does it impact your credit score?

Hey Debasish, this should not have an impact on the credit score, its a soft pull.

It doesn’t but it’s not right fetching without your consent !

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Thanks for confirming this @sneh.baxi

Didn’t you receive a mail from them regarding the same.
I received an email on 8th July. On that email there was an option to opt out if you don’t want to receive your credit report.

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I’m aslo using Bullet but I didn’t receive this mail.

I need my Experian report :slightly_smiling_face:

Ask for it from customer support team.

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I haven’t received any such emails, can you please send the link post clicking on opt out ?

I think that link will work only for me since it was sent to me to my registered email ID.
You should ask for the link to the customer support team.

I see… @sneh.baxi , please let me know who is the point of contact to connect in order to opt out of credit reports.

Hi @Tousif27

  1. This is a one time pull so that we can get more accurate scores for our users.
  2. This will help us assess you for a limit increase in future.
    And, to opt out do write to our support team at

Already sent it to the support team.