Community updates, we need more

I am addicted to this community. I don’t have any social media account, neither Instagram nor Facebook nor Twitter nor any other. Because I do not like to waste time on useless things. But I have become used to coming here because new discussions happen here, new announcements happen which I like. But when no one writes anything, it feels bad. @shawnpinto When you make an announcement but it is not implemented, I have to wait impatiently for it to be implemented, it feels bad. If there is nothing to discuss, I would urge you and the Jupiter community to keep providing new information, new updates that they find somewhere. Which will make this community interesting and active.
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I get this feeling more so during weekends as employees have a day off. So not much response or updates from their side. It is understandable.
Also due to recent events of debit card charges, things have been a bit silent for the most part.


For the time it seems deserted take a look on this site. They mention Jupiter as their client. You may find some interesting insight.


i have instagram and facebook but i don’t use them for long reddit is great you can try reddit many indian meme subs are actually great . twitter is good for knowing what’s happening all around. any news comes quickly on twitter.


Greatly spoken, brother. Me too is deeply addicted in this community since 2021 and consider it a second home (even though I had to take a break due to some unforeseen reasons connected with my research career). Unlike Facebook or Instagram, I frequently use Twitter solely to keep up with current events. It’s like a rapid-fire news source for me.

I’m not sure if you were around when Jupiter introduced the 6-week savings challenge that offered an iPhone as a reward. As a result, the community experienced a surge in users and became highly active and engaging. However, after the challenge ended, the community platform reverted back to its typical state
You can find the archive here :

In my opinion, the primary cause of the low levels of engagement is due to the majority of Jupiter account holders being unaware of this platform. Many only discover this community when they encounter account or app-related problems and see it as a customer service outlet where they can report their concerns and have them resolved. Meanwhile, others resort to using Twitter to address their account-related issues.

Like you, I use this platform mainly for getting the latest information and updates and honestly speaking I follow only two topic/threads which I rate the best in terms of content and knowledge sharing:


Like @Abhishek_Ulayil mentioned, If annual fees are imposed on the debit card, there is high chance that it could lead to a decrease in community participation, potentially pushing account holders to seek out alternative options.


In my opinion, the community is as vibrant and responsive as its members. Even if we encourage account holders to join the community, the participation is dependent on their will to make a meaningful contribution. Every employee from my company that opens his/her Jupiter account is asked to visit the community page. I don’t mandate it for them purely for the fact it will just increase the numbers here with no meaningful participation.


Missed a point on the debit card charges driving users to seek other alternatives. Here my point of view is sync with that of Jupiter. May be because of my involvement in running a company. Certain hard decisions have to be taken to ensure the business remains on the path of sustainable growth. At times, this means some people may not be as happy with a few decisions.


@Dinesh_Gupta Since you’re new to the forum, you must be missing a lot of threads.
Most of them are either released or WIP. We mention this weekly.

Things that are live:

Product roadmap updates - Our Public Roadmap on Trello 📝 - #166 by Shawnpinto

This was out 2 weeks ago and it’s our focus for the quarter. This means we should see this going live in April, May, June & July.
You can track this here - Our Public Roadmap on Trello 📝 (This gets updated monthly)

Don’t forget to keep an eye on - Weekly updates 📣
This gets updated weekly.

And finally, we added more channels for all of us - New channels added, leaderboard and more! 💬

If you see there’s no conversation about a certain topic, you can start one! Others will join you.

Remember, this is our community. It doesn’t have to be the team who is always making the new threads! Recently, we see that some members help us with announcing updates on our behalf. That’s super impressive :metal:

We shape the forum together. You too can help create threads/post the way you want while following the guidelines of course.

Hope this clarifies things :v: