Clicking on unknown links will debit money?

We will be hearing in news like, “a person clicked on link sent by some scammer then amount is debited”.

Really is it possible to do so?

Will Money gets debited Without entering any UPI pin or not revealing OTP to scammer?

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I have had experiences , when I make transactions on international websites like steam the transactions go through without any OTP, with just card details. Even though the amount was in rupees.

Its not a common practice for requiring OTPs in other countries. Hence that could be a reason for losing money if your card details are compromised.


If money is debited without OTP or PIN, then here have to be more responsible for that froud. Because you have not permitted for that transaction. In this condition you have very very high chances to get money back easily, if you take follow up in right ways.

Entering OTP or PIN means you gave permission for transaction. This take time to verify froud transaction, and kind lengthy process. & You need to put too much efforts to get money back.

You must know to avoid Offline froud losses
Always do Signature on your card (back side). Because when anyone want to use Card at Offline swipe machines merchant need to verify Signature with card’s Signature. In case Froud person used your card for swipe, then you can fight on this. And here merchant need to bear losses.


Always turn off Interesnatiol transaction or set limit of 100 rs.

And turn on only when you need to do Online Transaction.


It’s shocking to know

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By clicking the link they’re pumped virus and malware in your mobile or installed unknown app in your system silently, the app have your SMS permission or screen sharing permission, that’s the way they they’re using. It’s completely done via useing internet . They’re also use sim clones technology, even if your internet closed they useing sms redirected technology.

The process is not instent, but when you click the ha/cking start there process instenly and within some time they done their job .

So avoid clicking unknown link or downloading unknown file or app