Visa safe click support

Why doesn’t the debit card support Visa Safe click (otpless transaction), while federal Bank cards do? This is the reason I don’t use Jupiter as my main bank. One other reason is you charge 3.5 percent forex on transactions above ₹25000. Also your card cannot be added to Google pay for nfc payments. Also, suggestion:make the debit card limit 5 lakh as money insured by RBI is upto ₹500000. Can’t wait to hear from you.


:slightly_smiling_face: I agree with safe click and NFC transactions on my phone.


Visa safe click is in testing phase right now. We’re aiming to release this in 2-3 weeks. Though, would depend on the testing :test_tube:


@Shawnpinto I hope you release it. It would be life changing. Any updates?

@RAGHAV1183 We’re targetting to release this in the first week of July (TBD).
We’ll update it here :space_thumb:


@Shawnpinto hope to hear back from you soon.


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Without opening a account can we use jupiter with our existing account like icici and manage and track things…because no one like to open new account.

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Nope you cant do that on Jupiter, however there are others sites and apps that do that for you.

Open (recommendation)
Open allows you to add other bank accounts, track transactions, initiate transactions and view balance with some other features included.

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Name of the apps

@Shawnpinto any updates?? Can’t wait to hear from you and your team.