Can you guess what is the card ? 😎

It’s Numberless :sunglasses: And also built cradit score :money_mouth_face:

Interesting. I’m pretty certain that’s not a mainstream bank card, cause no bank can resist plastering their logo n name all over the card in the ugliest font possible.

I’m guessing a newbie neobank.

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LoL of course its a SlayPay :smirk: nothing special.


Special thing is they boosted my credit score and gives me good reward like Amazon Flipkart vouchers every spent :sunglasses: and also 9% return on investment, and unlike other investments I can’t withdraw money any time, and it’s settled within just a second :laughing:

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I applied for slay pay too. I don’t get the USP anymore. Is it supposed to be a prepaid card? Competitor to google pay? If the latter, why would anybody bother?

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Yes it’s prepared card, it’s have limited transaction upto 10k per month :slightly_smiling_face: but their automatic loan amount credit into the card and auto repayment from investment feature is good :new_moon_with_face: