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I personally started using One Card 2-3 days before. Thought all the feedback in one place will be of help. So here is my feedback on the product. Please feel free to post your feedback on one card.

Why did I install it?

  • Was curious on their rewards (didn’t have clarity on when I got the card and still I am not 100% clear about it) and heard about it a lot from office folks / friends / etc

  • Wanted to reduce my forex fee (which is super high from all the crowdfunding that I keep doing. I used my HDFC regalia card which is expensive in forex: 2-3.5% in forex fee)

Experience so far:
Onboarding: (5/5)

  • Clean onboarding (they fetched the communication address from my credit bureau report but the address were old so had to update a new address - but nice attempt to reduce the friction on onboarding)

  • No address proof required for delivery (I had it delivered at Bangalore address while being at my home town and working in Mumbai)

  • Had a virtual account ready in a few minutes

Rewards: (2/5)

  • No clarity on how the reward points are awarded

  • No clarity on how to redeem the reward points

  • First time I paid my bill on airtel via airtel bank - no credit points were awarded and then later came to know that wallet transactions yield no rewards - I was disappointed in that flow.

  • Since I just installed, and haven’t transacted on 3 different categories of merchants (which I have no clue what they are) - their rewards point program of 5X rewards in top 2 categories is not applicable for me yet.

App: (2/5)

  • Good visualization of the outstanding and available limit

  • Next statement generated in X days - this is helpful but confusing to know whats the billing date cycle here.

  • They use merchant names (thank god for this) in the transaction list not the code of that Merchant so you can easily know where you spent the money at least.

  • Some weird flows like redeeming the rewards bit (where they said swipe the transaction which I don’t understand and nor is my first instinct - this is bad for users)

Security-related inside the app:

  • One issue is that while opening at home page it shows cvv and validity which is bad bad bad - what if I am opening the app for something else - why would they expose those sensitive information in wide open.

How is your experience on One Card so far? Please post detailed comments by replying to this post.

  • very satisfied
  • somewhat satisfied
  • not satisfied

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I haven’t used the one card my self but Siddharth from card expert reviews credit cards in a detailed manner, here is his review https://www.cardexpert.in/onecard-review/

Quoting him

While it boasts about a metal form factor like the Amex Platinum or Centurion it’s like giving you a Maruti 800 that “looks” like an Audi on the outside.


I would have to agree as a user, they have 0.2% cashback and 5X rewards on top 2 category (when you transact with them in atleast 3 different categories).

They however have lower fee on forex (1%).

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Lower fee on forex is true, but there are many other cards that provide no forex markup. Good that Jupiter also picked the same feature in the roadmap https://trello.com/c/7JLK9IPO/73-zero-mark-up-forex-card

That being said they are still in beta and I hope they improve.

I might still get the card as it is lifetime free and has a metal form factor :slight_smile:


Someone mentioned to me, they find the card on the heavier side. And don’t carry it in the wallet! Purpose to transact defeated by form factor.

Also someone else that holds an Amex Platinum in India, keeps it safe and never ventures out with it!

I never had a metal card, let’s see if I will carry it in the wallet!

I used an Amex Card and they are the best in terms of Customer service, the credit card is always insured for theft and you can always charge back https://www.investopedia.com/terms/c/chargeback.asp any unauthorized transactions.

If you are not using the card then you would be wasting the 70k annual fees.

hey, that’s me :joy::joy:

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Rewards are very bad. Just 0.2%. So, will not use much.

Also, wallet transactions doesn’t give rewards.

Onboarding is awesome.



  1. payment of bill is super inefficient and, it asks for your UPI id (if UPI Chosen), and then you need to check upi for payment request and make the payment.
  2. I lost my card few days back, and there is no option in the app to re issue the card, I dropped an email for reissue. and a follow up mail to which nothing happened in last 10 days
  3. Right swipe is redeeming your rewards, complete non sense.


  1. Good looking card
  2. App experience is overall good
  3. Onboarding was smooth

I love it primarily because I can copy the details from the app and don’t need to have the card on me or when the details aren’t stored on the merchants side

Second billing is easy to remember as it’s month to month spending and payment 18days later

Third and final is how it sends out a notification for every transaction and you have quick action buttons
Most of the other credit cards don’t update on their apps for days except SC
You have to go to sms manager and check

What I’m looking for with this journey is I think what Fampay is doing. Every transaction generate unique IDs when I copy the card details. Option to store the card on merchant or create 1 time use and complete transaction


Got the card out of curiosity and because I could cancel out 1% forex fee with 1% reward.
Great UI/UX.
Love the Home Screen arrangement.

Didn’t find the spend graph useful.
Difficult to track the 4x points because they are credited on 10th of next month.
Redemption process is simply meh.
I’d prefer a simple statement credit rather than swiping against a transaction!
Card statement is pretty clean but only available in-app; would like it emailed to me as well!

Love the Metal Card! It’s my second Metal card but I don’t use it much.
Just Int transactions (online) + 2 small transactions to comply w the 3 category rule.
And it’s LTF!!

@sahil-sorathiya Wallet Loads and Cash Withdrawal won’t earn points

According to me,
OneCard is best for International transactions only.

From a rewards standpoint I’d rather go w the ICICI Amazon Pay Card over this


I heard this from couple folks, how to game the top 3 categories criteria to maximize rewards, SUPER :smiley:

Just curious which was your first metal card Amex platinum? and does metal as a material affect your choice of card?

Personally I am not fan of Amex card. Forex mark up on Amex is almost 5% and it is prohibitive to use the same. And I also end up forgetting to redeem my privilege vouchers so rewards become insignificant consideration.

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Yeah! I think we discussed this on call; offsetting forex and touching 3 categories!

Personally, Rewards are the USP. But there have been times when the design/ material might have influenced the decision.

My first was a supplementary Chase cc.
Would love to have the Amex Plat! But Amex doesn’t feel the same way :slight_smile:


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