Bugs in POTS

I want to put some money in pot. But this damned pop-up(?) menu isn’t letting me!!

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Whoa! That’s new.
@Avocadorable Thanks a bunch for letting us know.

My guess is, it’s due to the screen resolution and ratio display but could be wrong.
If I may ask, what device are you using? Also, pinging you for some details so that we can check :slight_smile:


Oh yeah, same here. Scroll down on the background instead of pulling the menu. Jupiter should just make it so we can press add money on the menu itself I don’t get the point of adding it on the background where there is confusion.

Oh scrolling down on the background works! Thank you! But this is so confusing. They really should fix this quickly…


@Avocadorable Since this bug is mostly seen on small screen devices, we’re planning to add more options below instead of the pop-up appearing immediately.

It should look like this:


Facing the same bug on my iPhone se 2020

Not able to withdraw/destroy pots

Not able to select any options in background

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Ticket iUfBYYwuFqZfA
Please resolve on priority

Hey @Sid2k22 , we’re aware of this bug! This will be fixed in the next app update :hammer_and_wrench:
(v1.5.28) - We noticed that this occurs in some small screen devices.

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Thanks for the quick response @Shawnpinto @Shawn_Pinto

What’s the alternate way to withdraw the funds from that pot?
Can it be initiated from Jupiter tech team ?

I am facing a similar issue while using a relatively large screen phone (7 plus). It is a sincere request to @Shawnpinto and team to resolve this issue asap. I am in urgent need of money and due to this issue, i am helpless.


Forget it buddy.

They promised a resolution in 48h initially and it’s 3 days now.

Their response is that we’ve to wait for the new version release.

I’m done with this half baked solution. Being in finance sector and for a new age fintech, this is absolutely unacceptable and appalling to me.

Testing and release teams have been just playing around without ironing out bugs.

And there’s no priority solution. You’re unable to use your own funds due to the stupid app.

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I would say dev & testing teams are mostly responsible for this & development is too slow!! every other release has few cosmetic changes. Jupiter has an advantage of early entry but any serious player could take over the market quickly with better app.

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I’ve been having the same issue @Sid2k22
I don’t understand why it’s taking them so long to solve something which is financially important in an app.

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What phone are you using buddy?
They’ll come back with the lame response that they know that problem exists with phones with small display.

Another user complained of same issue on iPhone 7 Plus as well.

It’s been more than a week now and they’re way past the 48h they promised me. I think we should start giving 1 star on App Store and leave bad reviews.
It’ll Atleast prevent future unsuspecting customers from falling trap to this stupid half baked app.
Atleast then we’ll see if they can rectify the issue asap.
@Shawnpinto any updates?

Jupiter promotes their app as a banking system made for the people and praises their own customer support. But just chatting with the customers won’t solve actual problems is a fact I guess not known by them. We don’t need to chat with the staff of jupiter neither would we feel blessed by seeing the top tier employees talking to us about resolutions. WE WANT ACTUAL SOLUTIONS, AND LESS TALKING. Still now no updates are available to a one week old problem. I’m using the same phone such as you, Iphone se 2020. Jupiter in a way is taking our money into the pots and not returning that. This statement can be made because of their own ignorance since they are busy updating the app in terms of dark mode and other aesthetics when matters directly related to money such as the pots problem and other issues such as simple mobile number and address change are not available in the app. I don’t understand if they are actually a bank or just an app which is pretending to be a bank.


When will the update of 1.5.28 be arriving?

are there any interesting changes in .28 ?

After a week now Shawn is messaging me here asking for my details.
This is absolutely ridiculous Shawn.
It’s been over a week now and after repeated 48h promises now you’re askin, for details to check with customer.

Are you kidding me?
Please provide an update of what steps were taken in the last week to myself and the others experiencing this issue .

According to your pots description, we can move money anytime which is a blatant lie.

Secondly every time I raised concerns I was promised a resolution in 48h which was again a lie.

I guess we’ve no other go but to start mass reporting the app and give it one stars.
I didn’t wanna do it initially as we need to give a fair chance to anyone to correct their mistakes but this isn’t the case here. The CS and tech team are taking us for a joyride.
I’ve myself worked for fintechs earlier and supported one of the biggest banks and mortgage providers in US and Europe. Do you know what kinda SLAs we have?

If we made the customer wait for a week and still have no resolution, we’d lose the customer.

I’m very disappointed with the 3rd grade CS and app experience provided so far.

No1 needs the shitty jewels or stupid UI updates when the basic stuff like money can’t be taken back to their own account.

Don’t come back saying you’re seeing this on small display phone. It’s a f*****n 4.7” highest selling iPhone in the world .

We are aware of this issue since the day this topic thread was created. We looked into it and realized there’s more to it. It’s not something that we could fix easily, it required deep-diving into the issue (The team is working towards this even now).

The reason why I pinged you recently is that we wanted to check if it could be a unique issue or if the same bug could be applicable to everyone. We could look into the actions performed, logs, and anything else that could help the team figure out the root cause.

You can try to help us out, y’know :confused:
That’s what we do here. We help each other out till the moment it’s resolved.

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Hi folks,

Looks like the issue is fixed.
The x.x.28 version is out but no1 updates on my tickets nor this thread about it.

I just updated the app and was able to withdraw the funds from the pot.

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