Bug in recent transactions

Recent transactions of all accounts showing only about Jupiter App transactions and when i click on the *All accounts * then showing all transactions.

Steps to Reproduce the Bug:-

  • Click on See all on the Recent Transactions page.
  • Then click on All accounts which was already selected.

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For me it is showing all my account’s transaction :thinking:

In my case it’s showing only jupiter account transactions.

@Satyajit_Singh @Aswin_Benny

On our home page, it shows recent transactions from the Jupiter account.
When a user clicks “all transactions” you should land to a detailed list of transactions from Jupiter [Jupiter a/c option on the top should be selected].

Can you confirm if this is how you see it?

You’re absolutely right, Jupiter a/c option should have selected, but in my case, all accounts selected when i click on recent transactions.

My bad.
It is opening ‘all accounts’ by default and shows only transaction done in Jupiter. Gets fixed if I change the tab to another bank.


Hi @Shawnpinto,
Is it normal or something wents wrong with this.

As mentioned by @Aswin_Benny, above.