"Recent Transactions" tab must also display the remaining balance after each transaction, not just the debit and credit amount (2)

The idea is to include the remaining balance after each transaction, in smaller font just below each debit and credit amount, in the “Recent Transactions” tab.

This solves the problem of not knowing how much money the user had/has before/after a transaction.

It will be easy to track the money flow, if the change in balance or change in the base amount is displayed after every transaction.

I always have to scroll down and make a particular transaction as a base point and compare it to my current bal. to see how much is the net expenditure after that base transaction.

The idea of tags can be implemented, but the idea which I have suggested in my original argument, this feature is more fundamental and more like a must-have feture which already exists in many bank applications like YONO (by SBI), and ICICI Mobile, etc.
Please find a screenshot attached below, to better understand my idea.

You can see that after each transaction, the balance is displayed on the bottom right of each transaction tile.

This feature can make it’s way to Jupiter on the “All Transactions” page which can be accessed by tapping on the “See All” button present at the bottom of “Recent Transactions” drop down menu on Home Page.


Great idea


I support this idea


Very Usefull feature , i wish to see Jupiter team implement on Jupiter app


The use of a calculator would reduce drastically!
Sharing this with the team so we can scope this.



Need this

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