Enable "See All" & "Insights" when recent transactions are disabled

Can we enable “See All” & “Insights” when recent transactions are collapsed ? That enable users to directly jump into these 2 option instead of expanding recent transactions first. I personally don’t like to see recent transactions on home page. It would be great if you could enable both these options on home page when recent apps are collapsed.

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Isn’t the thought flow like this:

  1. Users look at the recent transactions bar
  2. They want to know more about it hence click on it
  3. Show only 3-4 transaction, but you get curious and want to see more

If you put see more before expansion, users might not even know what more they’re gonna see (but the title gives the hint) :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

For insights, you get this card under do more

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not always though. sometimes user might just want to see all transactions to look for a particular transaction or go to insights to find that transaction. We don’t usually access the app to see just recent transactions.

BTW I don’t see the “explore insights” card on home page.


The cards are an on-n-off thing. I don’t see “explore insights” often.

What I find an annoyance right now is the pilgrimage to Kedarnath I gotta go to find a specific transaction amongst the mountain of data in my recent transaction list (which we may find a fix soon I suppose)

Why can’t I search transactions? :thinking: