Past transaction history

Is transaction history made prior to using Jupiter available in the app?
What if I want to see the transaction that made from account other than Jupiter prior to using the Jupiter app?

This feature can be implemented as “Intuit Mint” allows to do so.

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Thanks for the suggestion :+1:

Regarding past transactions, You can give it a try by following these steps:

Money Tab>Bank Balances>Select account>Recent Transactions>Filters

Hope that works

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I did that, for past 2 hours it says going back in time. So how does Jupiter get bank transactions, directly from the bank or any other way??

It works with the help of an Account Aggregator.
Jupiter uses Finvu Account Aggregator.

You can read more information about such services here

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It takes time to reflect for the first time.

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How much to be exact. In my case I have been trying to figure out how long “in a while” is and I found that it is not 24+ hours

Account aggregator has multiple failure points :
For example if the other bank accounts have any technical or server issue, AA wont update.
If there is an issue with finvu, the AA update would be delayed.
If there is a bug/technical issue with Jupiter, it could also delay the process.

This is True especially when adding new accounts as all transactions have to be added to AA. So it will take time and waiting is the only solution as of now.

Also the AA refreshes only a few times a day so if any issue arises at that time then nothing will be updated till the next refresh.

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That feels too long. I connected it and the next day. It started working. May he you have too many transactions :thinking:. Not sure why.

@Aniket_Singh please connect with the support team via the in app chat or by sending an email and get a ticket raised. If this is a bug, this will get assigned to the right team and more a conclusive response will be provided.