Bank Statement with IFSC and MICR

Many times we need to submit bank statement somewhere for verification purpose which contains the details like name, account number, ifsc and micr but the problem is only few banks show all these information on statement, the rest simply show name and account number and call it a day.

Some banks only show IFSC but do not mention MICR. So please show all details on bank statement pdf.


An alternate IFSC has been updated in Account details section but it still does not mention about MICR. What is the MICR code for these IFSCs? There are cases when MICR is required, if you want to open an online demat account, after entering IFSC, MICR is automatically fetched but if there is no MICR linked to IFSC then no MICR will be fetched and hence getting past that step won’t be possible.

I have searched online with the provided IFSCs. For this IFSC “FDRL0007777”, no MICR was found. For alternate IFSC “FDRL0000001”, MICR found was “400049001”.

Whenever you also introduce bank statement in Jupiter, please also show IFSC and MICR on it so the statement pdf can be shared wherever required.

@Bankofthefuture @Jiten

You can get it from fedmobile app .


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Thanks, hope Jupiter statement also contains all the required details minus non-essential details like customer id, account open date, account status, mode of operation, joint holders, currency, date of issue etc… and only shows essential details like name, account number, ifsc, micr and account type.

When did you signed up on Fed mobile?
I thought Jupiter account holders are restricted to use Net banking and Fed mobile app.

you will not be able to use fed mobile or netbanking you can only use fedbook

So, the above screenshot shared by @SaiRaj is actually from fedbook.


yes there is a option in fedbook Email my statement you can select the date and request the statement

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Yeah, but instantly you won’t get the statement you need to wait till 24/48 hours for the statement some times it will come in 1-2 Hours.

My personal experience

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yes but when you try at night time it comes with 5 min

But for me most of the time for me it got delivered within 5 minutes .

Okay, I don’t know why it’s come after 24/48 hours federal bank system is slow.

So whenever I need statement of my Account I directly go to Fed Mobile and download it instantly.

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Thanks for letting me know.

You can also use fed mobile to download statement instanly but you will get view mode only you will not be able to do any transaction

Jupiter statement is available but both these important information - IFSC and MICR is missing. Please add them. @Shawnpinto

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@gegobyte Will let the team know. Thanks.

Dude it a neobanking use a proper banking for those things. Open another low cost banks like … Except hsbc scbank or any other I use to. …this is jus good for quick use

There is no “proper” bank. All current banks run outdated unresponsive 20th century net banking UIs. It is not possible to use apps and websites of traditional banks.

Actually there are few federal bank itself is there and others whose charges are skyrocket