YEARLY bank statement issue

I had to submit the bank statement of the past 6 months for a kyc process, in a website. I was trying to get it from the Jupiter app but that’s when I realised that I don’t have the option of generating bank statement from the Jupiter app. Since I have a separate account in federal Bank, I was able generate it from the federal Bank. It would be great if you guys introduce the option of generating bank statements like how we are able to do it in the federal Bank app.


In the fed mobile app it will show you Jupiter account number as well by clicking on that you can generate your statement and for kyc thing, you can set that Jupiter bank account as primary and use federal internet banking service for 6 months’ statement.

Yes. I got the bank statement that way only. But what I’m trying to say is not everybody would have a different federal Bank account and it’s not necessary that people would have the federal bank app installed in their phone. For comparison, “Fi” gives you the option of generating bank statement in their own app. So in the similar way it would be great if Jupiter also introduce the same option.

Does other website (anyone) accept statement with Jupiter logo?

When I generated the statement, it came out with the federal Bank header and their logo. I tried this by generating statement in fedmobile application as well as the “fi” application. So I guess, if Jupiter is going to introduce the option of bank statement generation in their own app, they won’t be able to show their logo anywhere in the pdf and instead it’ll be of federal Bank( It will look like as if we generated it from the fedmobile app). This is because, in the backend, Jupiter and fi work as a federal Bank account.

Website for which I generated bank statement was “RentMojo”. RentoMojo is an online furniture rental platform operating in multiple cities. I had to submit my past 180 days bank statement for kyc verification and couldn’t do it from Jupiter. So I had to generate it from the fedmobile app.

Jupiter gives Statement and its has logo of jupiter this same apply to Fi as well.

Sorry My bad. You are right. Both fi and Jupiter generated bank statements have their respective logos near the pdf ender. But they do have the federal Bank logo on the top.

Also, regarding the Jupiter Bank statement generation issue, I have a correction. Actually Jupiter let you generate monthly bank statements but there is no option to generate yearly or half yearly bank statement generation. Also Jupiter does not have the option of bank statement generation for a particular time period. In my case, I was able to generate monthly statement from Jupiter but I wanted the bank statement of the past 180 days (6 months) which is not possible in Jupiter app as of now.

Yes I agree with your Statement generation problem.