Bug in Revamped bank account statements

@Shawnpinto I just downloaded revamped account statements on Jupiter. But I found a bug in it. It’s showing :-

IFSC : FDRL095769
MICR Code : FDRL095769
SWIFT Code : FDRL095769

It should be:-

IFSC : FDRL0007777
MICR Code : 682049069

Nothing is written next to Effective Account Balance, it’s blank. The colon symbol is also missing from the columns of details. It should be like between ‘Branch Name : Neo Banking- Jupiter’

@Shriram my address is also updated last month but it’s showing the old date for ‘Address Last Updated On’


I have just noticed this.
How did you all miss it?
@specter @yagnesh01 :rofl:

Google result:


@ManishSaini Good catch. Totally missed it during the testing

@Shriram Tagging you here to take note of this.

Testers block. The assignment was to test how the statement module function and feedback. got so engrossed in testing that module that I completely missed checking the contents of the statement.

I can also blame my age for this… LOL!!

There is one more observation. The excel based statement has the correct account# and IFSC code - the same as the one displayed on the app & the MICR code is different.

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@Shawnpinto Please grant this user 200 jewels and the Bug Hunter tag. :cool_doge: :cool_doge: :cool_doge:

Hey guys, thanks for pointing this out, we’ll take a look at this


@here we had a look.
Can you folks try again?

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Downloaded the statement Now. I can see its fixed. Thanks for the prompt action :+1:

Back to normal:+1:

Manish had pointed out 4 things here.

  1. IFSC, SWIFT, MICR code errors - This is fixed.
  2. Effective balance being blank - This is fixed.
  3. The Address updated date is wrong - We need to check this, it would take some time.
  4. Colon missing - This isn’t a bug. We intentionally didn’t keep it. It’s the design team’s choice.

But since we did figure out the first 2 and got it fixed, @ManishSaini we’d like to award you with jewels for helping us find this! :jewel:

Reaching out to you on DMs.