Bank shoud Fight for Customer Help💪💰

:moneybag: Most Wanted from Banks:

I want my bank :credit_card: to fight for me :muscle: and have my back :shield: when I encounter issues such as refund problems :money_with_wings:, poor product/service quality :thinking:, or online fraud :computer:. It’s frustrating :exploding_head: and time-consuming :mantelpiece_clock: to deal with merchants on my own. The bank should at least send an email :envelope_with_arrow: to the merchant regarding my issue and have customer support :telephone_receiver: guide me through these situations.

In the past, when I was a victim of online fraud :moneybag:, the bank didn’t help me much :slightly_frowning_face:. They just told me to file a FIR :rotating_light: and fill out a form in person :computer:, but didn’t mention the option of registering a complaint on the cyber department’s website :globe_with_meridians:, informing the sender and receiver banks :bank: and platforms :computer:, or calling the cyber fraud helpline :telephone_receiver:.

It would also be great if banks had a blog :computer: on these topics to educate their customers :nerd_face: and make them feel safe and secure :lock: when making purchases :moneybag: or sending money :credit_card:.

I want the refund :money_with_wings: and chargeback process :credit_card: to be simple :hugs: and have the bank’s team :briefcase: guide me through it. I’d even choose a bank :credit_card: that provides strong support :muscle: over one that offers more rewards :gift: and cashbacks :moneybag:.

This is a big problem :thinking: in the banking industry today :date: and I believe neo banks :credit_card: have the potential to solve it :bulb: and be game-changers :fire:. However, neo banks are still dependent on their partner banks :bank: for handling transaction disputes :moneybag:, so there’s still a wait :mantelpiece_clock: for that. Nonetheless, neo banks should not neglect this issue :bulb: or they won’t be able to differentiate themselves from traditional banks :moneybag:. The big players like IDFC :credit_card:, AU :credit_card:, and Paytm Payments Bank :credit_card: are still in the game :boom:. :smiley:


This is why I love >>insert shameless plug of Amex<<

Fraud prevention and dispute resolution is light years ahead.


Yeah, but only limited people Have Amex cards and service. Traditional Banks can’t do that or bear expenses. But i think Neo Banks can do. But, as per my knowledge, Neo Banks are depend on their Patner Banks (Federal bank) who only can handle Transaction Dispute. So still we need to wait. But yeah, Neo Bank should not neglecte that Problem. Otherwise Neo Bank can’t different them :smile:. Big players like IDFC, AU, Paytm Payments Bank still exist.

Here the thing:

If something goes south, what do banks do?

Option 1: chase after your money (you as the savings guy)


Option 2: chase after their money.

Banks have more of an incentive at going after fraudsters and disputes if it’s their money at stake aka credit cards.

Which is what I’d advise; use your CC more than your DC.

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