Customer Support/Debit Card Fees

Hii, lovely People,

As you know Customer Support is Important and every customers wants 24/7 Customer Support.

As I’m a Niyo customer I want to share my experience with them when I need any help I directly Whatsapp them within 5 min they replied and they are available 24/7.

If you can provide 24/7 Customer Support it will good for us.

And look of there debit card is amazing and it will good if you change your debit card look.

They didn’t charge for debit card annual fees/Joining Fees.

I will suggest you please if you can do then please give Free Debit Card.

Thanks for reading,

  • Carolin Merces
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@Jiten sir make sir are you working on it because customer support is most important.

I guess there is annual debit card charge in Niyox account which is opened with equitas bank. Don’t know, if your are old niyo idfc user then probably you might have free debit card.


Fi Money is giving free debit card, zero balance account.
Finin is also giving free debit card, zero balance account.

I guess most of the interested waitlisted customers of jupiter also looking forward to atleast those zero balance, free debit card benefits. It’s like a basic need. Many won’t even sign up incase otherwise. I guess jupiter would provide the same considering their banking partner is federal bank which is same as of Fi Money.

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Yes, I’m Niyo IDFC old customer and I have also opened Finin SBM Bank Account.

I have also opened a Fedbook Selfie Account In Federal Bank till now I didn’t there Visit branch because I didn’t face any problem I have visited once for Kyc updation that it,

Hope, so Jupiter will provide good service and benefits to there customer’s.