Atm transfer failed

Yesterday i tried to debit money from IOB bank ATM with my jupiter debit card.Amount got debited but i didn’t received the money from the atm…It showed atm machine out of service. Who to complain this issue?

@Sarjitasahs please raise a ticket from the in app chat function. Ideally the transaction should be visible when you choose payment issues


Don’t worry, whenever transaction fails like this the debited amount gets credited back to yours account within 1-2 working days. Although, to be on safer side please raise a ticket with Jupiter support team.

I did it they said to wait till 2nd of august…then they will rise the ticket

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You will automatically get your money back within max. T+ 5days and as per RBI guidelines Rs.100 per day compensation will be credited to your account for delay beyond T+ 5 days.