Apps for whole personal financial planning

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What are the apps/platforms that you use/know which help you plan your whole financial life?

I use and I am waiting for this one by finshots


@sss AFIK they are still in beta, do check this out


They have a lot of glitches specially on phone ui. Will try this from laptop.

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@dhanvi This reminds me of my Time in New York when I used services of Financialgym
Their service was par excellence. I wonder if we something like this in India?


Trim actively helps users reduce their spending by cancelling unwanted subscriptions and negotiating bills.
I remember our session on Subscriptions where many people were incurring subscription charges that fly under the radar for things like membership sites, software, video games, etc. Not to forget the trial periods one forgets to cancel!

It would be awesome if Jupiter can build something similar @sahil-sorathiya @sneh.baxi


This is one idea on the list of great ideas already! I think we live ina world of subscriptions, there should be something to solve for this for sure! And I dont see anyone doing that currently in India, let me know if I’ve mistaken.

Check an ongoing discussion by @Garvit_Goel here!

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