Notification for Subscription auto-payments I want to cancel

I regularly get auto-charged for subscriptions I signed up to only use once, and then forgot to cancel it, and then next month they charge me just because my account details were with them.
This happens for online content sites mostly.
I would be happy to link my Gmail with my account just to get rid of this problem.
There is a chrome extension Subscybe trying to solve this, but they are not very effective.


This is definately a useful feature. I literally had to block one of my cards because i wasnt able disable the auto deduction neither i was able to track what the amount was been deduced for. This approach was suggested by the issuing bank itself.

Definitely want it, a list of subscription on my banking app which I can cancel is neat.

I would love to add on here too add all the standing instructions too. It so be helpful to see all the outflow of money in a simple list view sorted by date.

Interesting, one of our community members @cpk has already suggested a similar idea now on our board:

We are in the era of Subscription Economy and with every 2nd product following the same model, we as users, tend to lose track & opt for convenience (read: auto payment) and only realise when it’s too late to get the money back.

To counter the same, @dhinesh @sam @Palak_Jain @nprashant_nayakanti @abraz and many others from the community feel the need for a subscription manager.

What all functionalities would you desire in the same? I’m personally eager to understand the why as well so elaborate pls