Stop my impulse purchases!

Do you’ll think this would be useful and we should start building on it?

@Vanshika_Mehta Vasu and Shray have suggested this idea and you can find it

Merchant level spending configurations can be on the app

  • It would be great to set alerts for purchase on Cash withdrawal, restaurants, groceries and when it reaches within 10% of the limit or budget, customer can be sent alerts - that your defined budget is nearing limit

Or can i keep a limit in general and the app should notify me before the purchase that hey do you really want to do this ?

My sister literally calls shopping “therapy” and with this pandemic adding on to her stress, you just cant count the number of orders coming at our door step every week until we found this really cool hack of not saving card details on any ecomm website.
This acts as friction and has surprisingly reduced the number of purchases, now its more of window shopping only :stuck_out_tongue:


Can be solved by putting a simple push notification on the app for amount greater than 5k which asks me to confirm if I really want to do this transaction!

Hey, try Unsubscribing to tempting daily deals and mailing lists. Also unfollow them on social media channels. This prevented me from falling for the phoney discount schemes and offers

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