Calendar View for Habits,SIPs

Recently I tried out setting habits for adding money to pots on a specific day.
It worked fine but I observed it was very silent about it, no notification in the app or any banner regarding the same.
The only way I came to know about it was from Email and SMS regarding transaction.
So what I am suggesting is there should be a calendar view where we can see upcoming habits/ SIPs this will be very helpful to track them. Also some dismissible banner like ones of the bill payment to remind/ inform that the habit will deduct money in a day or two would also be helpful.

To the community, How was you experience with habits/SIPs. Have you used it? Is it easy to manage multiple habits ?


Also add option to enable alerts or not. I don’t want to even receive that email also.


Agree! we are working on in-app alerts (not PNs) on upcoming SIPs/Habits and a calendar view for SIPs and habits.