Habit savings move money before the due date

I have a few habits that are supposed to trigger on 1st of each month. I have been noticing for the past few months that money moves from my Jupiter account to the pot 1 or 2 days in advance. For instance, I have just received an email saying some money has moved to a pot as a habit saving. This transfer was supposed to happen on 1st November.

It’s no big deal since I don’t use Jupiter as my primary account. However, this can cause liquidity problems for people who may use Jupiter as their primary account. Wanted to bring this to the team’s attention.


@manki have you written an email to Jupiter. In case you haven’t you can do so at support@jupiter.money.

Having said that… This seems to be an issue.

Looping in @Shawnpinto. Request to redirect it to the relevant team.

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Thanks for raising this @manki @alexnazy :v:
I’ve passed this on to the Pots team to check.