FI Minutes

@Shawnpinto Did u check on FI Minutes(Like monthly review on account finances). It looks cool.


Oh? @niranjan_kumar I haven’t checked it out yet.
Can you share more info on this please? The Community will know it too and might as well share their thoughts.

Its like Jupiter insights pro :crazy_face:/summary of statement with more details.

  • It gives total amount spent on FI and compares it with last month
  • Details on Total transactions, Average amount per transactions and Highest transaction on that particular month
  • Aggregator spend details
  • Categorizing spends and compares same with last month. It will be helpful to find where the funds spent most. As it compares categories with last month.
  • Other details like opening bal, investments, refunds on that particular month.
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Oh interesting. It’s very insights based.
Will check, thanks for letting me know!