Appreciation post|Dark patterns everywhere

Well we keep hearing this every once in a while about the autodebits that happened . The root cause generally here is the dark patterns in payments.

I faced it with big players like Amazon. The auto debit feels like you taking money from your parents wallet without informing or telling them.(loss of trust)

Recently on a payment platform I faced an error of payment on my Edge card. It was because my card was not allowing to set up Auto-Pay.
Initially I was not happy with the payment experience but I shifted to Jupiter debit card and the payment went through but I got notified on SMS as well as on the app about a setup of autopay.

This notification on my app literally made me aware about the dark pattern I just went through. And Jupiter also give me a direction how to tackle or manage this autopay set up in the app.

I hope Jupiter notifies me a week before renewal so that I can then decide if I want to continue with the payment or not.

Thanks for building this feature and proactively tackling the dark patterns