Amazon Prime Day incoming! (July 15th-16th) 🛒

Is anyone buying anything for the big day?
Here’s a thread to share what you’ve been waiting to purchase for a long long time :shopping:


Going first, been eyeing this metal card holder from Spigen for ages.
That brushed metal touch is crazy. I hope there are some discounts on this.

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Planing to buy a 5G phone :iphone:


@Surojit_Ghosh Nice! A lot of new smartphones have it inbuilt.

Nothing on my list. Tried convincing my wife to wait for the sale for her new phone. Then I got the look and I said let’s buy it right away.


Oh no :sweat_smile:
Surely you could have saved a lot on the sale day.

Just order this today!

Wait, why :thinking:
It’s at 3k right now. What if it might reduce during the sale?

They dont have discount on wallets from last few years on sell items. I have been checking :slight_smile: Not sure this time but let us see

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Oh no, time to look for the newer ones I guess.

But thanks for the heads up.

@jigarmistry24 You saving up for something?

Yes. Plan is too use Jupiter Credit Card in this card holder :wink:

I will be buying Apple Watch Series 8 44m in this sale. I hope the price will reduce xD


I see what you did there :grimacing:
We’re yet to get the go-ahead for your Edge card application. Will let you know.

@Devansh_Bartwal Oh nice timing!
Why not the SE (2nd gen)? it’s around 27k right now but it might reduce to 23k.

Also depends if you are going to use the LTE/GPS feature.

I might get myself a good revolving chair


A must have! There’s this really good one from the sleep company


Wish I could share that I would be buying Zenfone 10 or 9 but Asus isn’t releasing any of its Zenfone lineup in India. :sneezing_face: #Zenfone5ZUser​:sweat_smile:


Dont buy it. Its not that great to use. If you want specific card then no use at all. Good material and quality but not practical!

A smartwatch

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Most probably the newly introduced Echo Pop if they deep discount it for sales :fire:

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