Mark your calendars! | Important days incoming 🗓️

Folks, some important days are coming soon and we need to start saving for them! :running_man:t3:

Here are some recommended Pots.

Before that, here’s one question!
Which one of the following would you make/look forward to?

  • Amazon Prime day :shopping_cart:
  • August Long weekend :india:
  • Rakhi :gift:
  • Diwali Saving blast :fireworks:
  • All of the above?! :exploding_head:
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Note: We have added these Pots in the recommended section on Pots home page. However, there’s a few things we’re working on.

Eg: You made a Pot on Gadget and it’s active. You will not receive another suggestion for making a gadget pot.

Possible solutions:

  1. Break the old Pot, make a new one.
  2. Rename old Pots to the new one. Same category (WIP)
  3. We need to build more than 1 Pot of the same category. (WIP)

Let us know the Pots you’ve made or will be making :slight_smile:


Amazon prime day is on 15th-16th July, can’t wait for the offers :shopping:

Hai @Samarth_Tiwari
I can see pots named “Amazon Prime Day” and “Rakhi” under the Recommended Pots section, but couldn’t find the rest of pots mentioned under this poll.
Is this normal for everyone?

Looking forward for the Amazon Prime Day and Diwali season :star_struck: :star_struck:

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Hey @razack - August Long Weekend and Diwali pots are of the holiday and custom category. You must be having a recommended pot of Holiday and Custom category still as active (Eid and Father’s day mostly). That is why you are not seeing August Long weekend and Diwali. Once you destroy your old recommended pot, you will start seeing these as well.

This is a limitation of the current construct of recommended pots which we will solve for soon.


@Samarth_Tiwari Thanks a lot for the clarification :blob_thanks:
Yes, I had previous pots for Eid and Father’s day. I’ve deleted them now. As a result, I can now see all four of the latest posts :+1:t2: :+1:t2:

First one is simple and easy, like I did now. Also, I would go for the second solution mentioned- simply rename the Pot and transfer from old to new.

This could result in numerous posts, a significant portion of which may remain idle. So, It’s better to delete the existing pot after the ‘special day’ is over or after the goal/purpose is met.

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I like these pot ideas…

@JupiterTeam keep more pots like these coming.

Some ideas maybe Christmas, New Year celebrations, etc

Also when is the new pots interface coming in?

I am waiting eagerly. I already like the pots interface (with some reservations). So I want to see Jupiter’s improvement in that area.

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