Recommended Pots Not Responding

There are 2 pots in my recommendation lists, but when i click on it, it’s not responding.

God catch @Satyajit_Singh … Confirmed the same :+1:
Donno why, it seems Today is a “POTS BUG DAY” :rofl: :rofl:

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I was able to confirm it as well

Here is a screen recording-

@Shawnpinto request your help In getting this checked as well


It’s maybe due to “Pots tab redesign”, which is currently in internal testing.


Hi Folks,
As a compliance requirement, we were asked to not allow certain characters (including emojis) in pot names. There was a BE check on the names deployed for this today. Since both of the recommended pots have emojis in the names, pot creation was failing for them. We are working on a fix to allow emojis in pot names again. This will be fixed very soon!


These two pots are not created manually. You can see it is recommended by Jupiter.

@Satyajit_Singh I think you misunderstood the @Samarth_Tiwari sir clarification on this.

Yes, these are just suggested pots. These are not created until you tap on them. When you tap on them, there is an API which takes name as an input field to create the pot. Since, these pots had emojis in their names, the API was failing because of the check and hence the pot was not getting created.

We will remove this check very soon, and inform you so that you can retry.


What will happen to those pots which already have emojis and are created by users.

The old ones will remain. It’s just for the new ones.


You can try now! It won’t happen for new ones too now

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Yes, working fine now…Thanks again for the quick resolution :orange_heart: :+1:

Now working fine

This was a known issue, but the fix took time.
But thanks for raising it anyways @Satyajit_Singh :tick:


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