Agent Didn't Join The Chat


I have initiate The Chat On 2:03 but no one joined the chat yet so again I initiated the chat still waiting to join someone. Already Half Hour Ago.

They are On Leave?.

Sometimes Agent don’t reply even after joining.

One guy joined at 9:45 pm and then replied next day around 3pm. Probably that too when I mentioned to a different agent.

I replied to the same agent again yesterday at 1:54pm and till now no response.

Looks like I’ll have to open a different chat to close a this chat :thinking:

Yeah, sometime I told them now you can close the chat but they’re not ready to close it.

Many times they join us but they’re on another chat this is not good when they joined me than they should Focus On Current chat not other.

My query was related to DOB So I want to change the DOB but they didn’t join after 1.5 hour. someone join and said this feature is not available right now.

I was trying to open Account IN Epifi so they said your pan card DOB and DOB registered IN Account are not matching so I was stuck I have contacted my branch and told them they said will change the Main Account DOB Not Jupiter’s so I will visit the branch in Next Few working days.

@Jiten @sneh.baxi please solve this issue. I was raving of the customer service here but I might need to eat up my own words and take it back if the situation doesn’t improve. I hope it will get better soon.

Hey @cric_freak @CarolinMerces @Pratyushh - Your feedback on the slow response time is fair, we noticed this ourselves too. We faced an unprecedented surge in chat requests in the last couple of days.

Fixing the issue asap. You can DM me your issue in the meantime.

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