Unable to get an agent for vKYC

unable to get an agent to complete vKYC for my mom on scheduled appointment, tried since (9:13am) the start vkyc option was available on the app, kept searching for an agent till 9:30am and still no luck? very disappointed, utter waste of good time!
I will update the post if same happens with my account. @Jiten

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same with my own account, it kept looking for an agent from 10:58am to 11:25am and didn’t manage to assign one.
whats the point in scheduling an appointment then?

@saifsuse Can you please share your contact details on rohan.puri@jupiter.money? I wanted to understand your concern in detail and check with the team on what really happened here.

But yes, we are seeing very heavy traffic for vKYC this week due to which some of the users couldn’t get an appointment. But don’t you worry, I will get this sorted for you.

Do share your details.

same issue ,i too tried twice but couldn’t get an agent assigned

Time schedule kar lo

ha bhai , scheduled hi tha dono bari

Done, shared contact details of the mentioned accounts on provided email adress.

Completed KYC for me and mom’s account, mine went smoohtly, but for my mom’s account it took more than 30minutes to assign an agent.

Today I completed my KYC in less than 5 minutes. My verifycation is under process. I hope you may try now

my kyc process completed already, this post is old

The same with me,afte waiting for long no one was assigned for Vkyc.

This is due to capacity issue over weekend at bank’s end. It was Onam in Kerela which is like Diwali in north. Things should be back at full capacity from tmw


Hi @Jiten & @Bankofthefuture

Are there any limitations like the KYC can only be completed with an Indian IP address or something?

I’m currently traveling across Europe, and I have been trying to complete my video verification for more than a month now, I’m always stuck in looking for an agent.

Would it be possible to schedule an appointment instead?


Yes, you need to present in india while doing the kyc. No worries You have 11 month left.

Bhai bank ke working hours me try kiya karo vkyc ke liye jaise 10 se 5 ke beech me.