Account Suspend/blocked!


Few days ago I was reading a article so they explain that Neo banks can block/suspend the account anytime.

Guess what? After one day my was blocked due to suspicious activity :joy:

That god I have never kept money for long time because I still don’t trust neo bank…

I use Fedbook account of federal bank which is not opened by neo bank so branch and customer service is ready to help anytime.

Is this happened with any of you? You can share your story down here.


Not happened with me but I read a post & comment on Niyo Community , one customer has same issue.
Account blocked was suspecius activity , worst part was the “ Solution Given by Niyo Team”,
I was “ Visit Equitas SFB ” .
I mean it couldn’t be worst if there was any branch near to the customer even in his state there wasn’t any Branch .

If I put myself there , OMG North India to South India just to unfreeze the Bank Account? :pleading_face:

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Ohhh, Yeah I also saw many but after that they start unfreezing the account without any branch visit


I could see many people complaining in twitter about… Niyox has most number of such issues…


I’m relieved Jupiter doesn’t have such issues. Having a community where we can connect with the folks upstairs is pretty cool.


Something i saw on twitter but it is rare compared to others.

Could be same guy asking help on different accounts

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Why is that bank accounts are blocked… that too without any warning??

Most cases i saw with federal bank is either they have done a p2p crypto transaction and one party gave complaint of scam and also cases with cyber cell…

I dont know what happened to those people


Yep, I’ve seen some of these tweets too. But what I love about this community is should something go wrong, I can always come up hear and yell ”SHAAAAAWWWWWWNNNNN” :smile:

That isn’t the case with FI. They come off as a faceless entity. I’ve needed help from them, and they don’t respond to DMs that often. And their community support pales in comparison to ours.


i agree… we all shout SHAAAAWWWWNNN… Something unique of this community. Fi folks are not replying to me on their help centre also :cry_cat:


Love it… Shaaaaaawwwwwwnnnnnn… :joy::joy:


looks like we have to make a new topic about @Shawnpinto :joy:


runs into a bug


Shawn: slow mo run.

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P2P Crypto ! I saw 1 person talking to Advocate but no one is taking case .

They had started self business (P2P Crypto Exchange) , his whole money was on hold in SBI because of Fraud Transaction.

He sold some crypto & sender sent money from his account this person.
actually that sender had done some fraud so Police or RBI ( I don’t know) had put on hold all the accounts who had received money.


I think procedures behind defreezing account in cases of p2p cryptos is complicated and taking time… Eventhough such things have unaltered records. :roll_eyes: :thinking:

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It won’t happen without a warning. A mail/SMS/Notification must have gone out to the user in prior.


Spare me! :typing_bot:

We help each other out as a team here.
Oh and, there’s also the community members helping others. That’s more important.


Still this is happening there [ Niyo X ]

I’m Uploading someone Screenshot.

(My niyox account is frozen from 5 months - NiyoX - Niyo Community)

Is it the issue of Niyox or Equitas :thinking:… Looks like it will take a long time to get back their money :smiling_face_with_tear:


@Aswin_Benny Already 5 months gone.

As told by Equitas SFB, suspension caused by NiyoX .

I’m imagining, what if customer holds Lakhs of Rupees :pleading_face:

I’ve included link ( Hidden :grinning:)