Account Suspend/blocked!


Few days ago I was reading a article so they explain that Neo banks can block/suspend the account anytime.

Guess what? After one day my was blocked due to suspicious activity :joy:

That god I have never kept money for long time because I still don’t trust neo bank…

I use Fedbook account of federal bank which is not opened by neo bank so branch and customer service is ready to help anytime.

Is this happened with any of you? You can share your story down here.


Not happened with me but I read a post & comment on Niyo Community , one customer has same issue.
Account blocked was suspecius activity , worst part was the “ Solution Given by Niyo Team”,
I was “ Visit Equitas SFB ” .
I mean it couldn’t be worst if there was any branch near to the customer even in his state there wasn’t any Branch .

If I put myself there , OMG North India to South India just to unfreeze the Bank Account? :pleading_face:

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Ohhh, Yeah I also saw many but after that they start unfreezing the account without any branch visit


I could see many people complaining in twitter about… Niyox has most number of such issues…


I’m relieved Jupiter doesn’t have such issues. Having a community where we can connect with the folks upstairs is pretty cool.

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