Account have been frozen

I messaged them in WhatsApp and they replied with the NOC screenshot send to bank email,
I’ll attach the pdf containing the contact no. I don’t know if Tamil Nadu cyber cell supports chatting through WhatsApp but you can try.

In my case my account is still frozen, I just got an email today from Jupiter that they received my NOC and they are validating it. I hope my account get unfreezed, I also wish you not to give up and keep messaging them and unfreeze you account
LNA100112C_M.pdf (320.7 KB)

Did they ask any documents on whatsapp. May i know what is the process and how much time it takes.

Update:- Jupiter email me that they got NOC on 9th May, and on 13th May, my account has been unfreezed. They only marked the disputed amount as lien. Gotta sort that now. Goodluck to all whose account is frozen I hope your account gets unfreezed, never give up and keep messaging them. :smiley:


My account is frozen for one and half month now and I called and mailed them several times. They don’t respond through email so I started calling them and each time when I call them that lady replies that they will fix it within 2 days and they will inform me. After two days I have to call and inquire about the issue and that time they will reply the same. Last time when I call them she hung up the call impolitely and didn’t attend next calls. On a Friday I called them and she requested to call by 5pm and that time when I called she replied like she didn’t even know what my issue is and requested 30 min. After 30 min she didn’t attend the call even when the phone was ringing and one time she accidentally attended the call and hung the call instantly and till 7pm she didn’t attend it and after that a bit replied that it’s holiday for 2 days. It’s such a scam behaviour from your support team. If they are lazy to do work then they should be fired from the position or they should quit.

Now when I made a tweet on this, I received the resolution within 30min instead of 30 days. But the customer executive was taking revenge on me. She rejected the legit document without any proper explanation.

bro, is your problem solved?

bro please tell me the procedure and help me!

First I called Gujarat cybercell, and they said to message them on WhatsApp so I send the details through WhatsApp and after 2days or so they had send NOC to unfreeze my account and mark the disputed amount as lien to federal Bank. They also send me the screenshot regarding the NOC. So I contacted Jupiter support and they said they are waiting for their partner’s bank to give them the NOC. After like a week , Jupiter support team said that they didn’t received any NOC and told me to ask the investigation officer to send the NOC through a different email. So I requested the investigation officer to send it to their given email. And after like 2 days Jupiter said that they had received the NOC and are verifying the NOC. And again after 2days I received an email that my account is unfreeze. And that’s it. After a month’ of spaming email and calls my account got unfreezed

I could not get the correct number of Tamil Nadu cyber cell. The number which is mentioned in link provided by Jupiter is not reachable. Can anyone send me the correct number of Tamil Nadu cyber cell. Please do the needful.

Hi all.

My account has been frozen for 4 months now. Issue was VKYC multiple attempts but it was done. As soon as the VKYC was done, the account got frozen. No assistance has been given to me since then. They didn’t ask for any documents for resolving the issue. The kept saying that the partner bank has certain policies and the issue is in their hands. Last month they finally said that the account will be frozen forever and the only solution is to close the account.

For a bank like Jupiter, such response is a black spot on their reputation. Utterly disappointed.

Did any of you guys got unforze?

Hi Padmaraj, i am facing same issue. How you clarified, can you please help me?

Can u call toll-free and explain all details…

I contacted toll free they gave me a mail id and a mobile number.
Mobile number is not responding and on email they replied asking me to come to Tamil Nadu personally, but I stay in Telangana which is far for me. So I am trying to solve online, but not getting correct contacts.

I’m contacting directly to customer care and support me… Clear the account sir…

jupiter customer care?